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We bought our first Tervueren Sheperd in1984. A bitch called 'Omar van Astritahof'. A dog with a strong character. Father Frans Champ: 'Sam de La Douche Plain' x 'Moeder Erna van Astritahof'. We have achieved U.V. and V.Z.H. with her and we did I.P.O with her, but she was too soft


Omar van Astritahof
als jonge hond

Omar van Astritahof
I.P.O. training

After her dead we bought a male called Bunyo and we started to go to shows at the suggestion of the breeder. We liked it so much that we decided to buy another dog a bitch called 'Djerba Esther La Beaute Feminin'. Father p. E, Thaco van het Sparrebos x Mother Dutch Champ. Esther Ciria van de Lamar) Djerba was extremely successful at shows. At the clubmatch in Deurne she got her certificate of good character and she was selected as recommended dog to breed.(p.E) That 's why we decided to start breeding seriously after we had qualified for the K.K.1. diploma. .

Arani v.Labayo

p.e. Djerba Esther
La Beaute' Feminin

Now we visit shows here in Holland and abroad. Besides that we are active in Agility. The Tervueren sheperd is extremely qualified for this sport and the dogs love it.
Our ambition is to breed  beautiful dogs which are social, intelligent and have the will to please.
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